Technology, Media & Telecommunications

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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Finalert’s technology experts are well-versed in this ever-changing and difficult environment. We combine industry expertise with technical expertise to provide insights that assist technology leaders in dealing with complex business models. Beyond today’s challenges, our experts look ahead to the long and short-term consequences of changing business, financial, and technology strategies. We also assist clients in identifying potential barriers to change and collaborating on critical decisions that can add real value to their organisations.

The industry, like technology, evolves at a rapid pace. At any stage of a company’s lifecycle, speed, responsiveness, and flexibility can be make-or-break, especially when expanding into new markets.

We help you meet the many challenges of international expansion while avoiding the pitfalls and capitalising on those fleeting opportunities. We combine our extensive industry knowledge with a thorough understanding of your objectives and vision in order to assist you in achieving them in the most efficient manner possible.

Across the board, the industry is moving toward a more prevention-oriented and consumer-driven approach. The ageing global population’s desire for healthcare services, the push for health-care reforms, and firms leveraging digital technology to access data for real-time analytics and information are all predicted to boost the healthcare sector’s growth.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

• M&A (including valuations, timing, fund raising, debt vs equity, financial structure)
• IP and transfer pricing to improve the tax position
• Revenue recognition
• Data security
• Supply chain management (including developing into new markets)
• Tax efficiency
• Attracting talent and human capital management
• Regulatory compliance
• Best practice and benchmarking against competition
• Measuring success

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