The Automotive network is made up of our audit, tax, and advisory professionals in member firms around the world. They help us deliver our clients’ services to them in the industry.

The car market is quite diverse globally. They are numerous, from OEMs and component manufacturers to commercial vehicle manufacturers and dealerships. New research is being done on “green” vehicles and fuels in areas such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and other developing economies, as well as booming manufacturing and domestic markets. The Global Automotive sector of Finalert’s services enables our clients to approach and respond to the current opportunities in the industry, as well as plan for any foreseeable difficulties in the industry.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a radical change. Industry convergence, transformed supply chains, and rapidly changing customer preferences are all aspects of this marked by the continuation of EV and AV advancements. All of these changes are forcing businesses to deal with today’s changing environment while simultaneously planning for the future of transportation.

With their technical knowledge, global market expertise, and strong background in local markets, Finalert helps you stay ahead of the competition in every area of your business and in every market. We can help you understand the dangers of a wide range of issues such as tax, audit, and assurance, which are all relevant around the world.

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They are more than just our accountants, they are an important member of our management team, fully immersed in our operations and providing rather unique, proactive advice, leadership, and personal service, which is sadly lacking in larger city accounting firms, at a country rate.

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